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Kim Jinhyoung and Marcus Perkins Bejarano

Two Nights and Three Days is a musical comedy set in the South Korean military. It tells the story of Jowon, a young, female officer who believes that her dreams of becoming a four-star general are dashed when she is placed in command of the “fire battalion,” a group of the laziest, most ragtag soldiers in her camp. When the camp announces its first-ever talent show, Jowon and her soldiers finally unite in an effort to win the contest…by writing a musical. However, as a growing conflict with North Korea threatens their safety, as well as the existence of the talent show, Jowon and her soldiers must fight not only to protect their country, but to find joy in the most dire of circumstances.

Developmental History​

  • 2023 - Industry Reading (upcoming Sep. 26-27)

  • 2022 - NY Theatre Barn's New Work Series

  • 2020 - Eugene O'Neill NMTC - Official Selection

  • 2019 - 29-Hour Equity Reading 

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